Upcoming Gig @ ETG Book Cafe

I’m playing another gig at ETG Book Cafe in Staten Island! Here’s the info:

Friday, September 22nd
Starts at 7:30pm
ETG Book Cafe
208 Bay St, Staten Island, NY 10301
Free admission, all ages welcome.

Click here to RSVP on Facebook

I’m very proud to say that I’ll be opened by I Wanna Pony, a duo that plays obscure songs from Mother Russia (also, Australia). Then I’ll be on at 8-ish.

One more thing: I actually have a mailing list, and you can sign up right here:

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I’ve been sitting on it for 2 years, and it has no subscribers because I’ve never promoted it. But I’m promoting it now because more of my friends are quitting Facebook…

So if you hate social media but still want to learn about Comfort Cat gigs, please sign up! I’ll post about upcoming gigs, stuff I put on YouTube, and other musicks…

It’ll have much of the same stuff I’d put here, but more general–I’ll also post more about my other band, Neurofire (which should probably get its own blog at some point).

Later, I may also implement a plugin that just emails you when I publish a new blog post.

Alright! my throat is sore and my nose is runnething over with snot, so I better lie down and watch TV now!

CC signing off.

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