Meet Jack Benson

jack benson

This is my new friend, Jack Benson! He’s about three or four months old, has a peculiar meow, and I hope he’s here to stay.

Here’s the story…

I was walking home from a Halloween party late on Saturday night. It was about 2 or 3am and it was raining. When I got near the stoop, I heard a tiny “mew!” from the alley by my house.

There was this little kitten, crying, dirty, and wet. No collar. He was wearing some kind of “costume,” which I later realized was a sock with arm holes cut into it. He was a pathetic sight and very hard to ignore.

So I brought him in! Obviously. I figured he probably belonged to someone, but it seemed like an awful idea to just let him spend the night out there. Once indoors, I pulled the stupid sock off of him, got him a cup of water, and let him sleep in my bed. He was stinky and dirty (and, as I would later find out, riddled with parasites), but I’m good at ignoring those things when a kitten is involved.

The next day, I figured the kitten would simply run back home. So I opened the front door and assumed he’d bolt… He didn’t, though. Instead he seemed confused. Then he started mewing. It was also raining, so he ran under a bush and mewed some more.

I decided at that point to go to the corner store, thinking that if the kitten still hadn’t gone home by the time I got back, I should bring him back in. So I left to the store and came back 20 minutes later to find the kitten still mewing and crying in the same spot. Then when I went to the front door, he actually zoomed up the stoop and ran in–I didn’t even have to get him!

So for the last few days, I’ve had cat food, a litter box, and I made a few toys for him. I even gave him a bath the other day, and washed some ground-in dirt off his paws and face. I started calling him Jack yesterday. He seems like he was weaned too early, because he kneads with his paws and tries to “suckle” all the time. But overall he seems really happy. He’s extremely cuddly and affectionate.

As for finding the original owners, I’ve put up ads on different websites with his picture, along with where and when I found him. I’ve also been looking out for ads from someone saying they’re missing a cat around here. So far, though, the only response I’ve received was from someone willing to adopt the kitten if the owner hasn’t been found.

I know I ought to wait a bit longer, and I will, but I’ve missed having a cat and honestly hope I can keep him. I think if his owners really miss him, they’ll put up their own ads and conduct their own search. I know I would!

Will Jack Benson stay or will he leave? Stay tuned… The clock is ticking and if I don’t hear back from any “rightful” owners, I need to set up a vet appointment before this kitten turns into a tom cat.

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