Lyrics Now Online!

Here’s a quick note to say that I’ve published a bunch of my lyrics on the main site! To see them, just click this entire sentence! So exciting!

Not all of them are online yet because I’d prefer most of them to already have good recordings. (But some do, and they’re linked to in the lyrics sheets.) Eventually, I plan to automatically publish the lyrics to something as soon as I’ve performed it live a few times. Should be a nice complement to having them registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.

It’s also a bit ironic that they’re online because, in my last TinyLetter message, I explained in detail why I’m so jaded about working in web development–because then I built that tiny lyrics-viewing app with React not a day later. If you’re into that stuff, you can probably see that right away because I still haven’t gotten rid of the telltale “create-react-app” favicon. (Or maybe by the time you read this it’ll be gone?)

I don’t want to try to be a full-time developer again, because, as I’d explained in that email, that would take the same level of dedication that someone would put towards,–lemme just throw this out there–songwriting. Or anything. And I learned the hard (and expensive) way that I don’t have that kind of dedication to web development!

But I am satisfied with what skills I have. They get me through WordPress, personal sites, and the odd shell script. Can’t complain much.

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