About Me

Comfort Cat (the musician)

Comfort Cat (Tami) performs in and around New York City, usually with a ukulele or violin. When she isn’t performing as her solo act, Comfort Cat, she’s playing in Neurofire or other projects. She’s from the Pacific Northwest, having first moving to New York for college, and has also lived and studied in the United Kingdom.


This part of my bio is derived from my bio on Neurofire’s website, which was also written by me. So, yeah. I’m ripping myself off! Big whoop.

Comfort Cat didn’t sing for many years. She sang as a toddler, but became fiercely against the whole “singing” thing around age 5, feeling weirdly and suddenly threatened by it. She still liked music, though, and learned violin at age 8. For a long time, she thought her path in life was to be a classical violinist, and studied this at Sarah Lawrence College, along with computer science and literature. However, she was incredibly lazy, angry, and had zero artistic restraint–not good qualities for a classical musician.

CC demonstrating that she has, in fact, double-eyelids

CC’s goals changed when she studied in the U.K. at Dartington College of Arts during its last year of existence, from 2009 to 2010. There, she was expected to do whatever she wanted–which is actually much harder than it sounds. Her marks were not that great, and her instructor’s comments included that she had a “weird voice” and a “shitty violin pickup.” Her violin teacher had a good sense of humor, though: for example, he’d sometimes make her sightread misleadingly difficult music when she came to lessons hungover (like ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ for 2 Violins) and laugh at her confusion.

At DCA, CC finally acknowledged that the classical track wasn’t right for her. She also wrote lots of songs there, which felt cathartic because, while studying classical violin at SLC, she had felt guilty about songwriting–like it was procrastination. When she returned to SLC, she slacked off on the violin, learned ukulele, and wrote more songs. She would eventually return to the UK in 2013 to study songwriting at Bath Spa University.

Now, CC makes a living as a freelance writer and multimedia producer.

Comfort Cat (the blogger)

I’m switching to the first-person now. I started this blog because I want to make a living on my own terms. I’ve been writing SEO content full-time for over two-and-a-half years, mainly for small businesses; and before then, I had many disparate gigs basically doing the same thing. Because of that experience, I write faster, more clearly, and can research just about any industry. It’s not a bad gig at all–but after a while, I started to wonder why I can’t start applying these skills towards my own enterprise. Why not make money writing for myself?

I still write SEO for businesses (that’s still how I put most of the bread on the table), but now I’m writing about what interests me: music, technology, local bands, and at some point, hopefully travel. I’m sick of working jobs I hate. For a while, there just wasn’t much I could do about that–but now things are different. Now, I actually have the skills to work for myself. Time to make it happen.

I hope I make some friends along the way, too. So if you like what you’re reading, please keep in touch or post a comment.